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Vacation Photos: Round Three!

What did I do today?  …  Well, after breakfast I attempted some more fishing.  While I didn’t catch any fish, I did manage to see a whole family of birds flying back and forth, into and out of the water, catching small fish for the babies.  That was pretty cool, took some photos of that.

After that, went out on the waverunner with my uncle, took a bunch of photos of a couple parts of the island.  I wasn’t able to take some of the “out in the middle of the ocean” photo’s that I wanted, but I was able to take a bunch of photos of some of the crazy-insane-super-expensive houses on one of the island’s peninsulas.  From what I am told some of them are worth over $20,000,000!!!

I also saw the new Harry Potter movie.  It was pretty good, though I’m not really a fanatical fan like some people.  I would have been happy seeing ‘The Hangover’, since I missed out on that when it was released.  Now we have to wait 10 years for the next HP movie I guess.  That’s what I don’t like about them, frankly I don’t see why Harry won’t just use that evil killing spell that I know he must know by now and get rid of the bad guys.  The same way they use it then to a “Gollum Happy-Dance” afterwords.  :\

Finally, as I am writing this I am downloading “The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition” via Steam to my MacBook in a VM.  I hope it will run.  If not I’ll just have to wait until I get home from vacation to play. 🙂  Make sure you buy your copy of SMI:SE!!!

As for this batch of photos, I took over 60 photos in all.  Sorry for the lame captions this time.  Maybe I’ll update them eventually, for now I just wanted to post them to the site.  🙂

Here they are:

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