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Are We Posting to Facebook?

As most of my friends know, I don’t really care for Facebook all that much.  I have an account sure, but I hardly ever look at it.   I prefer the simplicity of Twitter, the control of running my own website, and WordPress.  So, hopefully with this new WordPress plugin called Wordbook the few people that I have “friended” on Facebook will be able to better see what I’m up to.  We’ll see how it goes…

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Minor site changes.

I’ve been doing some back-end changes to the site lately, mostly in the spam removal area.  I use the Akismet plugin which catches pretty much everything, and now I also let the spam folder build up a week or two, check for IP’s that tried to post spam more than once, and ban them from accessing the site at all.  I will have to add a new HTTP 403 error page with email address or something just in case a legitimate person gets blocked.  Though I might do better to just clear the ban list every few months.

I also removed the glossary plugin, it was causing some php warnings and I don’t feel like trying to correct it.  I might go back to the idea when a newer suitable plugin is developed.

What else?  I am also still working on some new audio material to post and I’ve started work an a Roland Sound Canvas page, I’m just waiting to arrange all my SC’s on a nice table and take some neat pictures first.  I suppose I should also take some photos of the inside of my XV-5080 with RAM and it’s new expansion board and my Fantom XR also.

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I made my first WordPress plugin!


Kind of neat.  I made myself a simple admin-only plugin that should make debugging the site a bit easier for me.  Simply put, I can now view some of my log files securely from within WordPress.  This is good for me because now I don’t have to login via SSH to my webhost to view them.

Why did I make my own plugin?  The main reason is that a quick search on yielded me nothing comparable, or at least as simple as my needs are.

Once I give it a few more features, maybe I’ll submit it to  Though, that would probably be a long way down the road…

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Technical Site Update: Theme Updated.

I have updated the site theme to a newer version.  Notice the re-size button in the title banner.  Pretty cool, eh?  No more small center column anymore.  The only problem I’ve noticed is at very wide screen resolutions, the background image at the bottom of posts in the tag area is too short and cuts off.  I may fix this myself eventually.

Also, it looks like we have got nice image containers now!  I’ve wanted this for this theme since I switched to it, so that’s great!

Inanis has done a great job with his theme in this version.

Other Changes:  I have rearranged the sidebar in the hopes that it makes navigating the site a bit easier.

Here’s some images for example of the nice new borders…


Better caption borders...

One of my Roland D-550 Synths.

One of my Roland D-550 Synths.

Herman chilling on top of my speaker.

My bird Herman.

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Restricted Public Post Test…

This post should be visible by members only… ?  Is it?  Or, did I mess up?

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All new theme for the site!

Installed and slightly customized a really cool Windows Vista-esque theme for the site called Inanis-Glass.  What do you think of it?

It took me a while to get the background in the banner at the top to look right belive it or not.  I still need to optomize the style code for it from inline css into the real stylesheets, but it works for now.

Next, I need to figure out a way to have the Twitter widget not pause the loading of the rest of the site.  I could use an iframe but I really don’t want to.  Any ideas?