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Recording Gear

Here is a list of my recording / listening gear, audio interfaces (aka “sound cards”) and so forth.


  • Yamaha HS80M Powered Monitors.
    • I love these speakers 🙂
  • Edirol MA-20D Powered Micro Monitors.
  • Edirol MA-10D Powered Micro Monitors.
  • Two Pair: Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro Headphones (80 ohm)
  • Two Pair: Mission 780 Argonaut Loudspeakers. Circa 1982
    • I’ll just re-word a quote from “Kill Bill: Vol. 2”: If you’re gonna compare Mission loudspeakers, you compare them to every loudspeaker ever made, that wasn’t made by Mission.

Audio/MIDI Interfaces:

  • MOTU 24I/O with MOTU PCI-424 interface card (PCI Express). My primary recording and broadcasting interface.
    • 24bit/96Khz
    • Total of 24 inputs and outputs. Or, 12 stereo inputs and outputs.
  • Two M-Audio Delta 1010PCI Audio Interfaces. I don’t use these much anymore as they have been replaced by the MOTU.
    • 24bit/96Khz
    • Total of 20 inputs and outputs (10 i/o each). Or, 10 stereo inputs and outputs.
    • 1 MIDI In/Out each
  • M-Audio Fast Track Ultra – USB Audio Interface. I use this with my laptop when I take gear on the road.
    • 24bit/96Khz
    • Total of 8 inputs and outputs. Or, 4 stereo inputs and outputs
    • 1 MIDI In/Out
  • M-Audio MobilePre USB – USB Audio Interface. I use this to relay things from TV into the main system.
  • M-Audio Transit – USB Audio Interface. I use this for my laptop.
  • MIDISport 4×4 – USB MIDI interface 4 in/4 out.
  • MIDISport 4×4 Annivarsary Edition – USB MIDI Interface 4in/4out

Mixers and Things:

  • Yamaha MG102c Mixing Console
  • Yamaha MG124cx Mixing Console
  • DBX 166XL – Compressor, Limiter, & Gate
  • PreSonus Bluetube Dual Path – 2 channel preamp
  • Radial J33 Phono Preamp


  • Electro-Voice RE27 – My primary broadcasting mic.
  • R0DE NT1-A – My “guest” mic.
  • Samson GoMic – I use this one when I’m on the go!

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  1. Chris says:

    I am intrigued with the potential purchase of a pair of 1986 Mission 780 Argonauts in excellent condition (beautiful original walnut boxes). A used audio shop is asking $499 for the pair. I am actually quite close to buying a 1993 pair of 753 Freedoms – but alas – came across the Argonauts. These are the model with the two 8″ and the tweeter position between. Not a lot of info on these out there, but I do like the Mission sound. I am running a 1984 first generation Cyrus 2 with the PSX, along with a Revolver turntable and Goldring cartridge, through early Magnapan SMGa panels – which produces a lovely and warm sound stage. But, the panels are suffering (as they do when elderly), so time to move on to dynamics for a change. Any comment on the 780 Argonauts? Any experience with the 753 Freedoms? Your thoughts on 780 stage, depth, warmth, and general presentation would be appreciated!

    • andrew603 says:

      short vacation reply: I’d go with the argonauts, provided they are in good condition, over anything else for music listening, don’t even need a sub or any of that nonsense… I will attempt to reply to this in depth once back from vacation.

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