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Roland Fantom XR

Roland Fantom XR Synthesizer/Sampler

Here are some photos, demos, and information about my Fantom XR:

At this time of writing, the Fantom is fully loaded and has the following expansions in it:

  • SRX-02 Concert Piano
  • SRX-03 Studio
  • SRX-04 Symphonique Strings
  • SRX-06 Complete Orchestra
  • SRX-07 Ultimate Keys
  • SRX-08 Platinum Trax
  • 512MB RAM Upgrade

I bought the Fantom to compliment my fully expanded XV-5080.  My XV has all the ethnic and big orchestral sounds, and the Fantom covers the Rock/Jazz/Pop/Dance soundsets as well as offloads some orchestral sounds for polyphony reasons.

Here are some recordings of the on-board demos from my Fantom XR:


Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Download MP3: FantomXR_DavidAhlund-TheEscape

Download MP3: FantomXR_TatsuyaNishiwaki-MoonCluster

Download MP3: FantomXR_ScottTibbs-StillSolace

Download MP3: FantomXR_ChristianSales-NuAges

Download MP3: FantomXR_HisashiSaito-CellularTissue

Download MP3: FantomXR_SatoshiMishiba-AKEBONO

Inside of my Fantom XR:

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