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New Year, New Site Theme!

Sorry for the lack of updates…  It was a hectic last few months!

Anyway, as you can see, I have updated the theme of this website to a new one!  “i7” by

The theme is by the same gentleman who made the previous theme on this site!

I really like it!  What do you think?

Check back soon for some new-ish recordings to be posted here, as well as some new sub-content.

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Technical Site Update: Theme Updated.

I have updated the site theme to a newer version.  Notice the re-size button in the title banner.  Pretty cool, eh?  No more small center column anymore.  The only problem I’ve noticed is at very wide screen resolutions, the background image at the bottom of posts in the tag area is too short and cuts off.  I may fix this myself eventually.

Also, it looks like we have got nice image containers now!  I’ve wanted this for this theme since I switched to it, so that’s great!

Inanis has done a great job with his theme in this version.

Other Changes:  I have rearranged the sidebar in the hopes that it makes navigating the site a bit easier.

Here’s some images for example of the nice new borders…


Better caption borders...

One of my Roland D-550 Synths.

One of my Roland D-550 Synths.

Herman chilling on top of my speaker.

My bird Herman.

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All new theme for the site!

Installed and slightly customized a really cool Windows Vista-esque theme for the site called Inanis-Glass.  What do you think of it?

It took me a while to get the background in the banner at the top to look right belive it or not.  I still need to optomize the style code for it from inline css into the real stylesheets, but it works for now.

Next, I need to figure out a way to have the Twitter widget not pause the loading of the rest of the site.  I could use an iframe but I really don’t want to.  Any ideas?