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Nantucket Vacation: Day 7

Belated post…

Day 7.  Mostly just the trip back home.  Took a lot of photos at the docks for the ferry, on the ferry leaving Nantucket, and approaching the mainland.  Enjoy.

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Nantucket Vacation: Days 5 & 6

Belated post…

As I was going over the photos from these days, we had a big power outage.  Supposedly over 200 homes had no electricity.  Power went out around 10:45pm and came back on sometime after 1:ooam!  Sadly, my laptop was not fully charged…

Anyway, below are some photos taken in the Nantucket Whaling Museum, the observatory floor of the museum, the “children’s beach” where there is a small lighthouse, and some plants around the house.  Also, there was this really weird full moon one night.  It was bright orange!

Check out the photos below:

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Nantucket Vacation: Day’s 3 & 4

Yesterday was a pretty relaxing day.  We went to the beach, saw some more of the island, and I took a few photos of that.

Today we went out on a charter fishing boat.  It was a blast.  We caught a total of 20 Bluefish and I caught one Stripped Bass!  We kept the striper, three of the blues, and threw the rest back in the ocean.  It was a bit rainy so I did not get too many photos during the fishing trip.  I reeled in the bass, which apparently made me the champion of the day, because they are more rare of a catch than other fish I guess.  I thought about getting it preserved and mounted as a gift for my friend’s grandparent’s, who’s house we’re staying at this week, but it was simply too expensive to do sadly.  I’ll have to think of something else in that department.  Very fun day though!

Check out some of my photos from the previous two days below:

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Nantucket Vacation: Days 1 & 2

After a relatively stress free 5 hour drive, I arrived at the Hyannis Terminal in Massachusetts.  Got lost for about 15 minutes trying to find the parking lot that was open, and took the shuttle back to the port.  I paid for my ticket for the “fast ferry” at 1:55pm.  They run slower ferries that take a two hour trip, the “fast ferry’s” take only an hour to get to the island.

My friends picked me up at the Nantucket port and took me for a quick tour of the town, very charming area I may add.  Then we proceeded to make our way to his grandparent’s house, which is only a few minutes drive.  I took a few photos that day and a fair amount more today, though it’s been pretty foggy.

We attempted some crabbing today, didn’t catch any crab, but managed to catch turtles and snakes!  I got a photo of one of the turtles.  We’ll try some more crabbing another day.

I took some photos of and around my friend’s Grandparents’ house, where I’m staying also.  Enjoy!

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Vacation again!? & What have I been doing the past few weeks?

I will be leaving for another short vacation tomorrow morning with a friend to Nantucket.  I’ve never been, but he assures me it’s very nice.  Looking forward to some more general relaxing, taking some photos, and fishing.

What happened to my regular updates?  Well, I’ve been busy helping my old/new WoW guild reform.  It’s going pretty well so far.  I expect to spend more time on music again after this vacation, as the WoW stuff should be a bit less hectic by then.

Check back here soon, as I should have some new photos coming this way…