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Nantucket Vacation: Days 1 & 2

After a relatively stress free 5 hour drive, I arrived at the Hyannis Terminal in Massachusetts.  Got lost for about 15 minutes trying to find the parking lot that was open, and took the shuttle back to the port.  I paid for my ticket for the “fast ferry” at 1:55pm.  They run slower ferries that take a two hour trip, the “fast ferry’s” take only an hour to get to the island.

My friends picked me up at the Nantucket port and took me for a quick tour of the town, very charming area I may add.  Then we proceeded to make our way to his grandparent’s house, which is only a few minutes drive.  I took a few photos that day and a fair amount more today, though it’s been pretty foggy.

We attempted some crabbing today, didn’t catch any crab, but managed to catch turtles and snakes!  I got a photo of one of the turtles.  We’ll try some more crabbing another day.

I took some photos of and around my friend’s Grandparents’ house, where I’m staying also.  Enjoy!

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