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Roland SRX-02 Concert Piano

Sorry, this is a pretty belated post but, I recently got the Roland SRX-02 Concert Piano expansion board for my Fantom XR.  Here are some demo’s I have recorded with it for your enjoyment!  Have fun!

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MP3 Downloads

PS:  Yes, Demo 10 is supposed to sound like that, there was a monkey playing that song after all!

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  1. Phil says:

    Great demos and playing! Is this definitely the SRX 02? – I ask because a picture of the SRX 11 is embedded in the music file.

    Have you had any ‘velocity’ issues with the SRX 02?



  2. andrew603 says:

    Thanks glad you like them, yes it definitely is SRX-02. Unless the label on the silicon is wrong! :O Though I can not take credit for the playing. I just picked some nice piano MIDI’s and remixed them using the SRX-02 sounds in the interest of speed and getting some nice content.

    I do not know why you would see a photo of SRX-11. I did not embed any kind of image into the MP3’s. Perhaps your player attempted to “identify” them itself with a wrong image?

    Regarding velocity issues: As I am a mediocre keyboard player, I’m more of a sounds guy :), I have not had any issues with it. Friends of mine do have the SRX-11 and prefer it’s playability over SRX-02.

    I personally prefer the sound of SRX-02 myself for the most part, it more suits the types of things I use it for better.


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