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Minor site changes.

I’ve been doing some back-end changes to the site lately, mostly in the spam removal area.  I use the Akismet plugin which catches pretty much everything, and now I also let the spam folder build up a week or two, check for IP’s that tried to post spam more than once, and ban them from accessing the site at all.  I will have to add a new HTTP 403 error page with email address or something just in case a legitimate person gets blocked.  Though I might do better to just clear the ban list every few months.

I also removed the glossary plugin, it was causing some php warnings and I don’t feel like trying to correct it.  I might go back to the idea when a newer suitable plugin is developed.

What else?  I am also still working on some new audio material to post and I’ve started work an a Roland Sound Canvas page, I’m just waiting to arrange all my SC’s on a nice table and take some neat pictures first.  I suppose I should also take some photos of the inside of my XV-5080 with RAM and it’s new expansion board and my Fantom XR also.

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