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The Sloganizer 3000 Needs Your Help!

The Sloganizer 3000 is sad :(

The Sloganizer 3000 is sad 🙁

The Sloganizer currently has a limited list of slogans to produce.  Help me expand it by submitting some of your own as comments to this post!  I’ll be sure to leave your name as the originator of the quote. 🙂

PS:  I know they are not really slogans, but damnit!  Sloganizer 3000 is a cool name, I think!  Also, if you are lucky the Sloganizer 3000 will tell you how to view it’s own individual page where you can refresh it quickly to your heart’s content!

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  1. eaglerock says:

    Now I feel bad for the Sloganizer…here’s my suggestions:

    – Sloganizer 3000: Sloganizing things since 20xx (whenever you made the CITS21c site…)

    – I’m here to make your life slogany!

    Bah, I’m bad at this…

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