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This and That…

What have I been up to the past week?

  • I’ve been playing Dragon Age Origins for the past few days.  It’s a pretty fun game.  I’ve played through it once as a Dwarf Noble Warrior, now I’m going again as a Dalish Elf Warrior.
  • I’ve been playing on my Counter-Strike: Source server and trying out a bunch of different server-side mods.  I found one mod I really like and went so far as to code my own small addon for it, but currently have the mod disabled because some of the regular players were crying like babies about it.  I suppose any mod that forces people to actually have to both think about tactics and react quickly, or die, is just too much to ask.
  • We started raiding 25 player instances in my WoW guild again last week.  It’s going alright I suppose, though not much has changed.  I find myself losing interest, which is probably a good thing..?  I’d like to kill Arthas and be done with it, but we’ll see what happens…
  • I ordered some new hard drives and a new CPU for my main PC!  Hopefully it is here by the middle of the week.  More on this when it arrives…

That’s all for now…

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