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Messing around with Adobe Lightroom 3 Beta

On a whim I’ve started messing around with the current beta of Adobe Lightroom 3.  I’ve “developed” some new photos of Herman using the software, and am liking the results I’m getting so far.

The image tweaking capability is quite good, despite the fact that some features are disabled in this beta.  I don’t care for the UI much though, coming from only iPhoto, it will take some getting used to.

I like the export options available in Lightroom. Being able to set up a preset that will resize my images and add a watermark automatically is fantastic!  Until now I have just been going through a whole procedure of having to drag images out of iPhoto to a desktop folder or external drive, run a shell script that that can resize all the images in a specified directory, or load them up one at a time in GIMP and resize them.  I’ve never even bothered with adding a watermark before mainly because of that extra work I would have to do on each image.

The other thing that I’m liking about Lightroom VS iPhoto is that it appears to keep track of all my edits rather than just “overwriting” my images and leaving me only the ability to revert to the original image.

Finally, Lightroom runs on my main Windows workstation, instead of my laptop, which is the main reason I am interested in it.

Enough of the rant, below are a couple of my photos exported from the Lightroom 3 beta.  You can see even more on the Herman page.

Herman Profile!

Herman Profile!

Sleepy Herman.

Sleepy Herman.

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