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New Gear: Yamaha MG102c Mixer

Just got a new mixer to help make my life easier.  I didn’t want/need anything fancy, like automation, or stupid effects processing.  I just wanted a real preamp for my microphone, and some extra inputs.  I decided on the Yamaha MG102c.  It was a toss up between the Yamaha MG102c, and a much more expensive Behringer Xenyx 1204FX.

The issue for me was that I would have liked the multiple outputs of the Behringer.  Additionally the Behringer mic preamps are supposedly better than the ones in the Yamaha, but I’ll leave that to the real experts.  On the negative side, the Behringer has the effects processor I don’t need and comes with an external USB sound card which also would not help me since I use my M-Audio Delta 1010 ASIO anyway.  In case you don’t know you can only have one ASIO driver loaded in FL Studio or any other software as far as I know, its a limitation of the ASIO driver spec or something.

The big positive of the Yamaha MG102c on over the Behringer is that it has more inputs than the Behringer 1204!  One more stereo pair to be precise.  I really don’t see why they (Behringer) call that thing Xenyx 1204, it should be called 804, or 84.  I’m sorry, but it doesn’t count as an input just because you have two kinds of plugs!  This rant of coarse is directed at the fact that the Xenyx 1204 has both XLR and TRS plugs on its 1-4 inputs just like the Yamaha.  Behringer counts it as 8 inputs, Yamaha is realistic and counts it as 4!  What professional engineer would use both of those plugs at the same time?  I don’t imagine they would.  Moving on, the only drawback about the Yamaha?  It has no mute buttons!  That’s kind of a bummer but not in a way that really matters for me.

By now, I’m sure you are saying:  “But comparing the Behringer Xenyx 1204FX to the Yamaha MG102c is unfair if you don’t want effects!  Compare the MG102c to the Xenyx 1204 instead!  It has no effects, which also brings its price down a bit!”  Well, they didn’t have that model at the store, and the Yamaha still has more inputs, so I opted for the Yamaha.  Additionally, the fact that I am relatively brand loyal also entered into it, as I am thrilled with my Yamaha HS80 monitors.  I also have my old Yamaha PSR530 keyboard, and a fair amount of my dad’s old Yamaha Stereo equipment that has yet to break down in my lifetime.   🙂

So I bought the Yamaha MG102c and so far it works great!  The sound quality is perfect near as I can tell.  For $99, I don’t think there is anything better at the moment.

Here are a couple photos of it.

My Yamaha MG102c Mixer.

My Yamaha MG102c Mixer.

Close Up of my Yamaha MG102c Mixer.

Close Up of my Yamaha MG102c Mixer.

Now, because he was in the room, here is a photo of my bird!

Herman, my pet cockatiel posing for the camera.

Herman, my pet cockatiel posing for the camera.

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  1. Heather says:

    Herman looks so statuesque and pensive there, like a Greek god!

  2. Rockindonkey says:

    Thank you for posting this review.  I realize it's a few years old, but I just purchased one of these and it really sounds like I made the right choice.  Cheers!

  3. Rumesh says:

    Hi.Andrew Bro..

    . Is There Any Effects Available To The Microphone Input??

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